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Rules for "Wanted and For Sale" section

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JKBMod 2
Jambos Kickback
Wanted and For Sale Section

[*] Jambos Kickback will not be responsible for items that are bought or sold in this section.

[1] When you have started a topic in this section and you have either Bought, Sold or found what you were looking for then please contact the Moderator named so that we can remove your request.

[2] JambosKickback will remove any posts that are in breach of copyright.

[3] JambosKickback will also close threads and remove all posts that are BTTT or other ways in trying to move your topic to the top of the forum.

[4] This is an area for non-commercial exchanges, or for people to pass on unwanted items. The Admin Team will monitor, but accept no responsibility for deals conducted through this forum.

[5] If there is no posting activity on an item for three weeks, it will be deleted due to lack of interest.

[6] Please note, we do not permit linkage to other sites, especially auction and commercial sites in this forum, the forum is provided to offer a service not a 'free' commercial opportunity for people.


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