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  2. Game two of three for the day. Nigeria were hapless against Croatia and should have lost the game by more. Iceland were magnificent against Argentina and fully deserved their point. Think Iceland will win this one and heap all the pressure on to Messi &co.
  3. Anthony Stokes training with St Midden.....

    Yep, to be honest he’s just a big girls blouse...
  4. Ali Crawford

    Tizer. That’s a throwback!
  5. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    If indeed Hearts had ‘gone for it’. We’ll never get a better chance to finally bury 7-0
  6. JKB Shirt Sponsorship 2018/19 - donate here

    I'm in for £10.
  7. Patience and Time

    The key is to find the right system for the team, i.e Olly Lee and Cochrane may not compliment each other in centre mid - thats what the friendlies are for and where Levein will earn his money. From the start of the league season though we should be raring to go and I will be expecting us to do so.
  8. First of today's games. Brazil failed to thrill in their first match and Neymar spent half of the game rolling around on the deck moaning at the ref instead of being one of the best players in the world. A point is about all they deserved. Costa Rica didn't perform well against their opponents either and could have lost by more than the single goal they did lose by. Expecting both teams to be better here.
  9. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

  10. Penalties at the World Cup

    Wonder when we'll see the first fast restart to prevent a VAR review? I.e team defending a corner commits a foul but the ref misses it and an attacking player heads the ball out, if the keeper then quickly gets the ball and takes the bye kick then VAR couldn't be used as the game has stopped and restarted.
  11. Souleymane Coulibaly

    He's a good player, and we possibly still miss that bit of unpredictability he'd bring. He's the type to get you out your seat. Wouldn't be against it at all. That said, if we sign Naismith, we have quite a number of forwards now, including Currie and Keena. Not sure there's space for him. I'd rather we had him than anyone else in Scotland, but not too fussed if he goes elsewhere, if that makes sense.
  12. Ali Crawford

    Good!! I want us fit as feck next season!!!
  13. Ali Crawford

    You sat up there with a wee camping seat, some Tizer, & a couple of sausage rolls or something?
  14. Where is this?

    Artto Hope Street?
  15. Patience and Time

    You do realise this is total garbage, right? SPH, a Scottish guy mind, settled into his game about 10 years after his first 15 minutes. Flogel is another who took time to show his best. Milinkovic took longer than 15 minutes to settle. It took Bergkamp 8 games to score for Arsenal. About 638 minutes to settle. But yeah just a myth.
  16. ***World Cup 2018 - Argentina v Croatia***

    Argentina - they have an incredible strike force but when you have absolute mince behind them then you are going to struggle. Can't see it being fixed anytime soon either - supposedly almost every kid growing up over there wants to be the next Messi so there is a severe lack of great quality defensive minded players coming through the youth system due to so many kids putting all the efforts into being the next icon.
  17. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    Might help the players
  18. Ali Crawford

    I’m working up next to the pitches just now mate. They’re getting a pummelling! No balls in sight.
  19. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    Templeton as second half sub and it would have been TEN
  20. Ali Crawford

    What was robbos?
  21. Souleymane Coulibaly

    Seem's he's been living in the West of Scotland whilst all the mess has been going on. Still seems to be a bit of a mess - probably best to avoid. Type of signing Aberdeen would go for.
  22. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    Lennon is taking the piss with his actions. Does what he wants. SFA will really hammer him if he does anything next season.
  23. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    I don't like NL at all What Rangers comments ??
  24. Immigration

    The NHS is reliant on immigrants at all levels as far as I can see.
  25. Ali Crawford

    There's a video on Hearts Twitter of the guys jogging. Not sure it's from today.
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