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  2. Footballers you can't help but like

    Henry Smith and Thierry Henry
  3. The Apprentice

    Olive or Harrison for me.
  4. Djoum

    Made a massive difference in midfield last week, which wouldnt be difficult, but even just his positional sense helped so much.
  5. Accounts and AGM 2017 ( Merged )

    Just re read some of their accounts headlines and it seems that 34% of hibs shares now owned by the ‘fans’ but only 11% owned by HSL. Reading FF’s list I would be a bit concerned that whilst STF offer to sell shares for fan ownership is fairly magnanimous it appears that HSL isn’t solely the main player in this (like FOH is with us), these other investment companies are getting in on the act. It could be nothing to get worked up about but if I was a hibs fan I would be doing some digging. However these half wits are far too busy analysing everything to do with our new stand to worry about their own club. It’s like Groundhog Day and the relegation party!
  6. Djoum

    Souttar is out of tomorrow, had dizziness relating to his concussion so won’t be risked
  7. Footballers you can't help but like

    Neymar Great player, fantastic attitude and will to win A player that will fight to keep a team that is playing badly in the game Much more to come too
  8. The Ashes 2017-2018

    If it carries on this close will be a good series. Good spells for both sides though England's collapse perhaps more of a concern. England need a good day tomorrow.
  9. The all new "seethe" thread

    There should be a system of fines for twats like that. Meanwhile somebody genuinely ill is waiting to see a doctor. Some folk are so selfish. It must be hard to handle crap like that.
  10. The Apprentice

    Could be right about Olive. If Sugar was going to get rid of her before the final 5 last week was the perfect opportunity when he himself dragged her back in to the boardroom.
  11. Repetitive Arse Covering by Levein

    "Levein does not really want the job". Another classic case of someone saying something with no proof what so ever and then it becomes fact.
  12. The Apprentice

    I think the guy that looks like Josh peck will win.
  13. Harvey Weinstein & others - sexual assault

    It's almost as if she'd never heard of the book before her son brought it home. What a stupid woman
  14. Djoum

    Hopefully what we witness through those peepers will be more pleasing on the eyes soon. Here's hoping!
  15. How big a mess is it?

    As has been discussed, the club is doing great work off the field to get things right for the future but the current team falls short of what we should be expecting from a Hearts side. The goalie seems decent enough, as is Souttar, Berra, Laff and Isma plus a few promising youngsters. Walker and Djoum are good players when focused on Hearts but neither has been for a while now and both seems certain to leave. The likes of Callaghan, M Smith, Prince, Randall, Stockton don't do an awful lot for me, unfortunately. Ash Smith-Brown will get punted at the first opportunity. Milinkovic remains something of an enigma; good pedigree, touch and pace but his decision making seems shot to shit (maybe lacking in confidence or something?). Levein now has to get it right in the transfer market. The last two years have been, a few exceptions aside...dreadful. As a club, we will get there eventually, but there is a fair bit lot of work to be done on the playing front.
  16. Oscar Pistorius trial

    That Judge Masipa should never get another murder trial. At times she actually felt sorry for Pistorius. A joke of a Judge
  17. Accounts and AGM 2017 ( Merged )

    Thanks for the reply.If I were a Hibs fan buying shares to achieve fan ownership I would want to know who owns what.
  18. Marathons

    I’ve done 6 marathons and the ultra tour of Edinburgh. In 2012 I did 3 marathons in 6 weeks. So similar break between marathons that you’ll have. it is possible to do better your time but I guess it depends how much you spent energy wise the first time round. The 2nd of my three in 2012 was the one I targeted to get a PB in, so I treated the first one as almost another training run. I was 23 mins quicker for that second marathon. In the three weeks between the two, I did pretty much nothing for two weeks then a couple of two or three milers in the week leading up to the second, just to loosen the legs again. Good luck!
  19. Footballers you can't help but like

    My brother was sitting opposite crouch on a train a few years back and he spotted my brother had a Hearts polo shirt on and started blethering away about football. Good lad apparently.
  20. Oscar Pistorius trial

    Been in the hospital wing of prison Home previously
  21. Djoum

    I worry far more what some fans see through Thier peepers as opposed to what cl sees through his "specs".
  22. Footballers you can't help but like

    Sieb Dykstra...loved the porno tache...remember our lot giving him “Siieeeeeeeeebbb” up at Tannadice...he was having a right giggle with us. Couldn’t help but like him after that.
  23. Footballers you can't help but like

    Want to hate this lot but can't... Callum McGregor Leigh Griffiths Patrick Roberts
  24. Djoum

    He made a difference last week, first time in a few weeks we've had an element of control in the game. First game back in a while, he'll get better.
  25. Playing surface

    Could the pitch problems at Tynecastle be something to do with Edinburgh's volcanic soil? Possibly a bit loose, with not enough clay to knit together?
  26. Footballers you can't help but like

    Griffith's- just a daft laddie who plays football, cracking player. Brown- nope, he's a dick and also way over rated. Gazza, Ian wright- good characters. Strangely enough- Stuart McAll- always comes across well. Ramos- complete welt but a winner and plays with 100% passion every game. Love his sort in my team. Turns up for the big games as well. Puyol- respect to the guy for his views and not hiding.
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