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  2. Patience and Time

    Completely disagree with this. After Flogel's debut he moved to the reserves for an extended spell as he wasn't 'fitting in' to Scottish football. However, I think if we're signing all these players, we should be aiming for them to hit the ground running.
  3. Patience and Time

    I won't be shouting for his head if we don't kick in straight away in our league fixtures. In the 85/86 season we got hammered early doors away to St. mirren iirc. We need to be showing better than last season by the end of the first round of fixtures though.
  4. Ali Crawford

    He’s like a mini-mini Lennon...
  5. Immigration

    It will be interesting to see the effect on the NHS should there be an exodus of foreign workers.
  6. Patience and Time

    Lafferty - Settled immediatly Naismith - Same Berra - same Mcglaughlin - same Skacel Bednar Seeing the pattern here ? Need I go on ?
  7. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    Yeah And it's actually a 7 match ban - has a 4 match European ban which will probably cover Hibs Europa League campaign.
  8. Ali Crawford

    Bang on Barack!! show me a 15 yr old laddie that is released from a pro team that wouldn’t resent it a bit!!!
  9. Patience and Time

    Not true unfortunately Hartley was decent right from the start when played on the right wing. Switched to centre mid, started to play with far better players, and became a stand out. Nothing to do with 'settling time' Flogel was solid from day 1. Yes he had the odd form slump but he was clearly a good player who fitted in right from day 1. Bergkamp, a world class player at his peak, had the misfortune to be managed by Rioch in year 1, who hadn't a sccoby how to use a player of such pedigree. As soon as Wenger came in Bergkamp was magnificent. Nothing to do with settling in, just wrongly used.
  10. ***World Cup 2018 - Brazil v Costa Rica***

    Neymar is an overrated show pony!
  11. Ali Crawford

    If you can get Crawford to chase you next, that'll be fine. Preferably for some, into the path of an oncoming car. I don't like him, as he's a niggly little dick. But if he plays in our team...good. Fed up with teams thinking: "Aww, here comes the cute little Hearts midfield. Let's bully them, shall we boys?" He wouldn't **** about in there. And we need that. I'm not overly-fussed either way, but he has attributes that may help us over a season, if he signed.
  12. Patience and Time

    Congratulations. You've proven you know **** all about football.
  13. Patience and Time

    It's not 10 players going into a starting line up. The core of last year's side remains and if Mitchell Milinkovic and Naismith return...even two of the three then possibly only 3 will start. Of the new signings Edwards and Mulraney both have SPFL experience so it won't be a culture shock to them. What 10 signings bring is competition for places...anyone not performing will be sat on their arse which is something we've lacked for a long time.
  14. Ali Crawford

    He's obviously been to Greggs then. Must be ITK about our next signing!
  15. Pre-Season Friendlies

    Is Dumbarton ticket only ?
  16. Today's last game! Serbia did just about enough to get past Costa Rica last time around and looked like a decent football team. Switzerland were good against Brazil and fully deserved a draw. This group could be really tight before this game kicks off, depending on what happens in the Brazil/Costa Rica game earlier on. Expect a decent contest.
  17. Ali Crawford

    Shout at Crawford to feck off because he hates us allegedly
  18. John Leslie Arrested for Sexual Assault

    Just out of interest Seymour, that wasn’t around Bruntsfield was it?
  19. Ali Crawford

    Ok pal I get you don’t like Crawford we’d be as well leaving it at that. agree to disagree
  20. Ali Crawford

    Bit late with that request. Steve McLean started chasing me but twisted his knee. Blame me if he’s not seen til December.
  21. ***World Cup 2018 - Argentina v Croatia***

    Yeah it's mad how there's such a massive gap in quality between Argentina's attack and every other position. They have absolutely nothing in midfield, whereas Croatia have possibly the best midfield in the world and it showed last night.
  22. Ali Crawford

    No idea, in the couple of times I've had the pleasure of meeting Robbo he didn't mention it At times it's not what you say but how you say it!
  23. Ha, ha, ha Lemon

    I doubt it. And it's not if its when...he can't help himself.
  24. Ali Crawford

    Get some abuse shouted at the new boys. Get them used to it.
  25. John Leslie Arrested for Sexual Assault

    I don't think JL the type to learn from his mistake's and appalling behaviour, but I cant see him getting 15yr for it
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