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  2. Stephen Fry

    BBC reporting he's announced he has prostate cancer.
  3. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    There is no danger they see us as their biggest game of the season.
  4. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    Correct and as of now we haven't sold any.
  5. Can I Support an EPL team?

    It’s a club for tunnel enthusiasts. Formed in London in the late 30’s, it spread nationwide during the 40’s. Manchester is where it’s at for tunnels these days though, and that’s where their main membership is now found. Quite cheap anaw, subs are only £3.75 p.m., tunnels are great.
  6. Can I Support an EPL team?

    Or best, if your willing to pump your money into the club, how does a fan that pays more per game than a standard season ticket constitute worse support.... Intrigued?
  7. Where is this?

    You're right, it's not. Nope.
  8. The Beast from the East

    Edinburgh may not be as badly affected as other places, due to its proximity to the sea. However, it will be bitterly cold throughout the whole country. As Barack said, game may be off Tuesday.
  9. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    That sounds like a lie. 'Initial response' surely means the '1500' were snapped up instantly when they went on sale?
  10. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    Up to 3,000 away fans
  11. Can I Support an EPL team?

    My story in footballing life could've been so much different. The first team I fell in love with was Liverpool, because (as rightly pointed out) when I was an impressionable 8 year old, they were a cracking side who were winning a lot of silverware, and Kenny Dalglish was (and still is) my all time footballing hero, this was in the late 70's, and to be honest, had I discovered Dalglish before he moved to Liverpool, then there's every chance I might have been a Celtic fan (shudder!!). I also loved the there was tons of Scots in their side in those days, and it was lovely feeling knowing that Scots were tearing up their big league. I didn't start shouting on Hearts until 84ish, and it was only because all my immediate mates at School were Hearts fans and so I started going to games with them and it flourished from there. I've been to Anfield only a handful of times during my lifetime, so Hearts are definitely my number 1 team, and when we played each other in the Europa League qualifiers, it was a dream come true for me as I'd longed to see both clubs play each other in a competitive fixture, and as crazy as this might sound, I haven't celebrated a Hearts goal as passionately as I did when we scored at Anfield, the pride and passion was just unbelievable, I was almost on the pitch as I was right at the front (3 rows back), thankfully I held myself back. I'm not going to lie, I refer to both Hearts and Liverpool as "We", and I won't stop doing it either, each to their own I guess.
  12. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    It's not as if Hearts put out something to ask how many were interested in going.
  13. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    There for the taking. Hamilton took three off them - but you are much better defensively*. Go get 'em... * And much better defensively than Sevco themselves. Watch they don't come after Berra, Souttar & McLaughlin in June with a few million they've just raised from QuikQuid and pawning Murray Park at Ramsden's.
  14. Gaffer looking for out of contract midfielder

    I agree. Hopefully he will be given time to get fit and settle in by the supporters rather than be metaphorically hung, drawn and quartered by the 'experts.
  15. Can I Support an EPL team?

    Phew, still a Hearts supporter on those terms, £100 for my English season ticket and £300 for my Hearts one. Uber fan alert
  16. Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

    Cheers, I was working abroad at that time, & didn’t have a spare minute to sit and watch it.
  17. Winter Olympics in PyeongChang

    2nd Athlete from The Olympic Junkies of Russia, tests positive. No doubt an honest mistake.
  18. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    In this case they ONLY get half the gate. For a league match they would get the full gate.
  19. Can I Support an EPL team?

    To be honset man city are my favourite team. Or is it Wigan. I like Sky to decide for me.
  20. Can I Support an EPL team?

    What’s the City Tunnel Club?
  21. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    ****ing amateur hour from that tinpot shambles. Were they going to segregate the away stand because demand was so high from their own supporters?
  22. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    They'll no doubt start selling the upper tier first which has an awful view.
  23. Can I Support an EPL team?

    The tunnel club... Football support at its absolute worst.
  24. Motherwell Cup Tickets - Prices Announced

    I don't understand in these modern times why Hearts need to have the tickets delivered before selling, surely motherwell have an online database of what their away end looks like. Surely if they agree with Motherwell the tickets prices and allocation they could start selling the bottom tier and open sections up as sales progress then send them out upon arrival. It never ceases to amaze me how Scottish football clubs continue to shoot themselves in the foot, get the tickets on sale as soon as possible to ensure maximum possible turnout.
  25. Hard Brexit

    Vote snp then . Independent Scotland will reflect our pchyche as a nation better.
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