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  2. Tin hat

    I think he means being right up for the Derby, getting stuck in, winning every 50/50
  3. Gabriel Somi

    No denying that. Let's see what Levein brings in. I personally don't completely blame him for the recent failures, although he clearly has had a hand in them.
  4. Roseburn Stand -Hibs

    Nah, there's a much better atmosphere when there's 3000 fans of The Flumps doing that weird grunty thing and flapping their arms around. Always makes me laugh.
  5. Gabriel Somi

    Never heard of the lad tbh. Playing for a side who are on an exponential rise and had exposure against some very good sides in Europa League Their manager will be on the radar of some bigger clubs throughout Europe. He has done a phenomenal job Could be a very interesting one
  6. Tin hat

    I don't remember us being ****ing *****?
  7. Gabriel Somi

    You are of course correct, however the reality is that ultimately a Manager stands or falls on the players he signs.
  8. Roseburn Stand -Hibs

    Someone last week suggested making the Christmas/New Year game at Murrayfield every year and taking it turn about to lose a home game. It'll never happen, but I like the idea of one 50,000 derby per season
  9. Sportscene

    Releasing a player at that age can be the making of them. Sometimes it takes a hit like that to give a talented lad the shake he needs to apply that little bit extra to make it pro.
  10. Niall McGinn

    Clearly two we are very keen to move on. Grzelak in 18 on Saturday but evidently a last resort at left back. Horrible in middle of the park. Nowak doesn't make 18 now and clearly isn't fancied. Baur featured ahead of both when clearly not ready Neither will kick another ball so best moved on
  11. Tin hat

    just calling it the way I see it and by god could do with 4or 5 Drew Busbys playing for us now
  12. Boiler wasn't working this morning error code displayed on screen and making strange gargling noises. Turns out the external Condensate Pipe was frozen... used some warm water to defrost and drilled a small hole in the elbow of the pipe then taped some spare bits of polystyrene around it to hopefully stop happening again. The condensate pipe carries condensation from the boiler to an outside drain. When temperatures plummet this moisture can freeze and block the pipe, causing the condensate to back up and the boiler to shut down. The signs that your pipe is frozen are either a fault code or warning light on the boiler’s display or a gurgling noise coming from the boiler or pipe. To minimise the chances of this happening, it’s a simple job to buy foam lagging material from hardware or DIY stores and fit it around the pipe. Even if you’re not the DIY type, you’ll be glad you made the effort when it’s icy cold outside. Alternatively, get a handyman to do it for you; it’s a straightforward job. If it’s too late and the pipe has already frozen, you can defrost it by pouring warm water over it until it thaws. DON’T try to speed up the process by using hot or boiling water as this could crack the pipes and then the situation is a whole lot worse. When it’s defrosted keep the pipe protected by wrapping an old towel around it until you can get it properly lagged. Restarting the boiler should see it come back to life but if it doesn’t or you are in any doubt, contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer for help. Other than fitting the lagging or defrosting with warm water, never attempt to fix a gas boiler yourself.
  13. Gabriel Somi

    Is that the best you can do? Really?????
  14. Hearts Shop

    I think they really need to get someone to run the shop that has some sort of successful background in retail. We always run out of stuff well before Xmas, the tartan scarves for instance will be big sellers for years so why not bulk order and save money. Then you have rows of expensive tshirts with silly slogans from the past that were never going to sell. Maybe they should consult us on what will sell well, like the 78 Umbro strip. Snoods, Gloves, thermal socks, thermal underwear, Umbrellas off the top of my head.
  15. Gabriel Somi

    tbf i didn't say they are doing it well
  16. Gabriel Somi

    This would appear to be more likely as he has not played many 90 min.
  17. Gabriel Somi

    In recent years, yes! Without pointing fingers, some folk will automatically write off a player now because of their lack of UK football experience. Due to our recent failure in the transfer market, I'm not surprised by this kind of reaction. The problem is, unfortunately, double edged. No signing is guaranteed to be a success. We could stump up good money for a Scottish based player and it might not happen for him at Hearts. Could be injuries, could be poor form, or whatever. Not only this, like people have pointed out, in January you will have to spend unless free, like this lad. Summed up, all signings are gambles be it one who has been watched in person or been viewed on whyscout or YouTube.
  18. Gabriel Somi

    Now time will prove that one.
  19. Gabriel Somi

  20. Gabriel Somi

    is this boy being written off already as a wyscout /Murray signing? And therefore cat piss?
  21. Manhatten Explosion

    Bomb fud injured. Three others with minor injuries. Probably git the recipe off the internet. These dicks almost have nothing left but shitey internet recipes, knives and cars. Crushed by local armies in the middle east. Ideology exposed as the pish it is. Resorting to petty criminals with history of violence, drink and drug abuse. They've already lost but are too thick to realise it.
  22. Gabriel Somi

    I'm not against 'the foreign route' but we sure as hell are going to have to improve on our record of signing total numpties who are here today gone tomorrow. If you read my posts I am suggesting we need a better balance to our signing policy of both home and foreign players. As for scouting players - as I said that's what we pay our football management big bucks for.
  23. Keith Chegwin dead

    Top performance on extras and lifes too short, genuinely funny akways enjoyed cpp, swapshop, big breakfast etc real shame
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