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  2. New signing ??????????

    Will we now be able to keep hold of a lead?
  3. New Stand: Badge is up ( updated )

    Remember when Captain Questionmark’s trolling was less obvious and tedious? Good times.
  4. New Stand: Badge is up ( updated )

    Club been honest from start , regular updates from Mrs budge and I believe another one in next few days planned
  5. Favourite Derby Apart from

    So many to choose from, but 2-0 with goals from Smith and Orman will always have a special place in my hearts.
  6. New Stand: Badge is up ( updated )

    Why do you think they are not honest?
  7. Most Bitter Support

    Absolutely correct. No other Scottish club can touch them for bitterness.
  8. Catalonia referendum

    I think you missed my point. Before Pudigemont called in (apologies if spelled incorrectly), he didn't win a vote in the Catalan parliament on HOLDING the referendum. That is why I think the whole thing has been an unnecessary pantomime. Imagine Sturgeon calling IndyRef 2 after Holyrood had rejected it? She would be laughed out of Edinburgh!
  9. Most Bitter Support

    Winner. Hibs followed by Rangers.
  10. Most Bitter Support

    True story. After 2012 they were so upset, they got together and decided they would do everything in their power to see us fail. That is where the Sergey lol-a-drama and the greenginger cockwomblery comes from. It’s also what inspired “Mr Gustas... “. All arranged online to ‘not let us away with any more cheating’. Bitterness borne out of butt-hurt. There’s no other club in Scotland who can match that. People say they are over 1-5 though...
  11. Favourite Derby Apart from

    Absolutely this... The ones that immediately spring to mind are the Foster derby, the Mercer one, the relegation one, 4-0 at Easter Road, Hampden semi...
  12. New Stand: Badge is up ( updated )

    Tynie will be bouncing on 5th November I'm usually a glass half empty person but on this occasion I'm supremely confident that it will 'lets make some noise'

    Ha ha, aye the muirton crew are coming , whoever they are, 2-0 hearts.
  14. Most Bitter Support

    It's certain between Hibs and the Rangers for me!
  15. New Stand: Badge is up ( updated )

    That story is just another rehash of the bbc one, with CL saying the club are working to get the stand ready but that there's a contingency plan in place if it isn't. The expectation seems to be very much that they'll have it ready.
  16. Most Bitter Support

    This sums that lot up . Should be stickied in the terrace at the top. must of been foaming at the mouth like the rabied rat he is typing that. also have to concur with a post above about the bears den forum. A truly terrifying place in that some of the disturbed life forms are free to walk the streets.

    Their bad run has coincided with O'Halloran being injured. According to The Courier he's going to be back for tomorrow so we'll need to defend well against him. I can see us getting a couple and winning 2-1, Isma and Berra. We're still quite weak in midfield, need to find a system to accommodate the players we have available. My team would be: GK: McLaughlin RB: Smith CB: Souttar CB: Berra LB: Grzelak CM: Callachan CM: Buaban CM: Cochrane AM: Walker ST: Isma ST: Lafferty
  18. Favourite Derby Apart from

    Was just about to say, that Rudi goal is my favourite derby goal. Some finish and great celebrations.
  19. The Apprentice

    Liz is fantastic. I had never actually physically laughed while watching The Apprentice, but it was genuinely great when she was trying to measure the walls last week
  20. 3 points would be nice. Getting through the game without any more injuries would be nicer.
  21. New signing ??????????

    Snapping at the heels of the opposition
  22. New Stand: Badge is up ( updated )

    http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/hearts-face-race-against-time-to-get-new-stand-ready-for-killie-1-4591443 i know they are doing their best but still think the club could have been more honest about the expectations from the start!
  23. New signing ??????????

    Signed on a 3 year deal from Dogenham and Redbridge. 🙃
  24. Favourite Derby Apart from

    The night of the Stevo cup game I was going on the 2nd date with my missus. Decided to take her bowling so I wouldn't get engrossed in the game and ignore her all night. All well and good until we got there and the game was on every telly above the lanes, it was all I could do not to take off across the lanes when he scored. The relegation party was pretty special too, the roar when King rounded the keeper followed by a bigger roar when he slots it home Finally, probably one of my favorite derby goals was Rudi's in the new year game 2012. When he gets it on the edge of the box it was only going one place.
  25. Most Bitter Support

    I would say most definitely Hibs. They're deluded and bitter.....it's in their genes!
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